Retainer Instructions

Retainers are needed after completion of orthodontic treatment to keep the teeth in their proper location. Teeth naturally tend to move throughout life, and retainers help prevent this. The following are guidelines for using your retainers:

  • Wear retainers faithfully, otherwise teeth will shift.
  • Remove retainers by grasping as far in the back as possible.
  • Brush retainers everyday with slightly warm water and toothpaste.
  • (e.g. Efferdent) two times per week.
  • Do NOT place retainers in hot water or in a warm place.
  • Do NOT wrap retainers in paper (napkin) or place on your lunch tray.
  • Keep retainers away from pets.
  • Keep retainers in retainer case when not in your mouth.
  • Call us as soon as possible if you lose or break your retainer.


Schedule of Wear:

First Year: Put them in after brushing every night.
Second Year: Dr. Culberson will help you determine your schedule.
Third Year (and After): Every other night (or at least two nights per week). However, Dr. Culberson may give further instructions depending on your particular case.

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