Fewer Office Visits? We've got you covered!

With DentalMonitoring by Culberson Orthodontics, scan your smile from your smartphone, and we’ll track your treatment remotely. Schedule your consultation today to get started!

How it works

DentalMonitoring is a technology that we are excited to share with our patients to make orthodontic treatment shorter and more convenient.


Using the ScanBox Pro provided to you when you start treatment at Culberson Orthodontics, you’ll take photos of your smile in the DentalMonitoring app.


Culberson Orthodontics receives your photos and reviews them to make sure your treatment is proceeding on track. We communicate back to you if we need to see you in the office for any necessary adjustments.


That’s it! You finish treatment on time with fewer office visits. You can even use the DentalMonitoring app to view a time lapse sequence of your improving smile!

Ready, set, smile!

When you start treatment at Culberson Orthodontics you can choose to add DentalMonitoring, decreasing the number of your in-office visits from every six weeks to as few as every six months*!

Appointments at the right time

You can communicate with Culberson Orthodontics through the app. We can even track your progress and schedule your next appointment when one is needed.


Monitoring your progress without office visits

Your treatment keeps progressing as Dr. Culberson monitors your smile remotely, no matter where you are.


See your progress in real time

By using DentalMonitoring’s time lapse feature, you can see the progress you are making towards your perfect, finished smile.


Secure, reliable, compliant

Keeping your personal information secure is a priority. Dental Monitoring is HIPAA/GDPR compliant.

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