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Our Technology

    Culberson Orthodontics offers the most exciting and cutting edge technology available for orthodontics in the CSRA!

At your first appointment, we will take a series of digital photographs that will allow you to see exactly what Dr. Culberson is seeing.


We also have digital x-rays, which allow Dr. Culberson to see far greater detail than traditional film-based x-rays. Digital x-rays also require far less radiation exposure to you and your family. The radiation in our x-rays is about the equivalent of the radiation you would get from a day at the beach.



CarestreamScannerMessy impressions to make you gag? Not at Culberson Orthodontics! We are proud to offer a Carestream digital scanner that uses a special camera to make a virtual reality image of your teeth and your bite. This allows Dr. Culberson to study your teeth and your bite in great detail, without the messy impression material!



We have a 3-D printer in our office that can print an exact replica of your teeth from the digital scan! We can scan your teeth while you still have braces, digitally remove your braces, and 3-D print models of your teeth that we use to make your retainers! So you get your braces off and get your retainers immediately with no wait time or additional appointments needed! We also have your final scan on file so we can re-make retainers at any time, should you lose or break a retainer!

orchestrate screen

Didn't wear your retainers exactly as you were supposed to? Did you experience some relapse? No worries! With an additional digital scan, we can create a set of clear aligners that will move your teeth back into the correct alignment without braces!


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